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Conservationists File for State Director Review of Extensive Oil Drilling Program

Conservation groups filed a request for State Director Review (SDR) last week regarding the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) approval of 108 new oil wells in western Colorado, southeast of Grand Junction, at the
foot of the Grand Mesa.

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OP-ED: Colorado’s Energy Bust

Colorado is rich in high-quality, low-sulfur coal and oil shale. So where is Colorado’s energy boom? Answer: Buried by the state government—primarily Democrats but aided and abetted by Republicans as well.

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Colorado Energy Measures Expected to Attract Big Names, Deep Pockets

A Goliath vs. Goliath battle is brewing in Colorado as environmental activists, big-oil bigwigs and community leaders are poised to pour millions of dollars into the state over energy-related measures that could be on the November ballot.

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Higher Oil and Gas Drilling Fines Approved by Colorado House

A similar fines bill failed last year. But this year’s bill has the support of Colorado energy industry because it no longer included minimum daily fines. The state’s maximum daily drilling fines haven’t been hiked since 1955.

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Colorado Energy Group on Fracking: ‘We Just Point to the Science’

“We point to academic or scientific studies that have been done that either explain why water can be lit on fire. In most cases, it’s naturally occurring. It’s been happening for a very long time. People in the areas are very aware of it, but it’s sensational, and it gets people’s attention.”

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Critics Say Outdated Oil and Gas Royalty Rate Costing Colorado Millions

Every year, the Obama administration pushes to raise the royalty rate on onshore oil-and-gas production, looking to channel more of the profits from extraction on public lands to federal and state coffers. The efforts have been unsuccessful. Today’s 12.5 percent rate hasn’t changed since the 1920s. Analysts say that low rate has cost Colorado taxpayers an estimated $300 million since Obama took office in 2008.

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Study Points Out Oil and Gas Industry Impact
on Colorado

“The state is reaping the economic benefits of increased production while lessening the environmental impact of development. Plus, with the increased use of natural gas, the U.S. is witnessing the lowest carbon emissions in 20 years –
all of which is great news.”

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Front Range Smog Complicates Push for Oil and Gas Industry Air Rules

Smog along Colorado’s Front Range is thickening again, exceeding federal standards, and government-backed scientists say the oil and gas boom is partly to blame. If the industry expands, scientists at a conference this week said, air quality probably will deteriorate.

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Editorial: Obama EPA Debunks Activists Who Played Politics with Tragic Floods

Comments from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on the recovery and clean-up efforts following Colorado’s historic floods directly contradict the fear mongering of environmental activists who have played politics with this tragedy since the beginning.

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State Says Fracking Operations Not
Impacted by Flooding

Colorado Department of Natural Resources head Mike King says the flood’s impact was enormous, but narrow. “Putting that in context of the volume, the amount of oil and gas would’ve been less than a half second worth of volume,” he said.

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CU Study:Oil and Gas Industry Key to Colorado’s Economic Health and Stability

Assessment of Oil and Gas Industry 2012: Industry Economic and Fiscal Contributions in Colorado found that in 2012 the oil and gas energy industry pumped $29.6 billion into the state economy, supporting more than 110,000 high paying jobs.

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Wildfires in the Oilfield

Not surprisingly, wildfires are a constant threat in Colorado, with more than 23 million acres of the state being covered by forest.With an increasing amount of energy development taking place in forested areas and new threats emerging, the state’s oil and gas industry takes a proactive approach.

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