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Conservationists File for State Director Review of Extensive Oil Drilling Program

Conservation groups filed a request for State Director Review (SDR) last week regarding the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) approval of 108 new oil wells in western Colorado, southeast of Grand Junction, at the
foot of the Grand Mesa.

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Industry Fires Back Over Pulled Oil and Gas Leases in West

The Denver-based Western Energy Alliance is leading the blowback from industry over the BLM decision to pull oil and gas leases from its November sale. The organizations asserts that the federal agency unlawfully caved in to a special interest group.

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Coalition Wants Stricter Air Quality Rules
Near Homes, Schools

A coalition of Colorado citizen groups, including the Grand Valley Citizens Alliance, seeks greater air quality protections related to oil and gas operations that are located within one-quarter mile of homes and schools.

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Colorado Gets $30 million for Natural Gas Infrastructure and Vehicles

The funds will help with the construction of as many as 30 compressed natural gas fueling stations, and for the adoption of at least 1,000 natural gas vehicles to be awarded for use statewide.

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CNG Fueling Station in Glenwood Springs Could Get Boost

A pilot project in Garfield County aimed at boosting the use of alternative-fuel vehicles locally could help provide the market jump start needed to open a public compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station in Glenwood Springs.

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Leak Near West Slope Plant Highlights Pipeline Problems

Authorities are investigating after construction crews discovered a problem with a liquid gas pipeline that allowed a carcinogen to seep into the ground near a large creek that feeds into the Colorado River. The leak near an energy plant in Western Colorado was discovered largely by accident, even though several state and federal agencies are charged with
monitoring gas pipelines in the state.

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Colorado Companies Receive Federal Contracts to Improve National Forests

“These stewardship contracts will bring new jobs to the state, create a healthier forest for the surrounding communities, reduce wildfire risk and help generate a new source of renewable energy.”

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Oil and Gas Industry Claims Opponents Want to Ruin Drilling Plans in Thompson Divide

Supporters say that environmentalists, a hostile Pitkin County government and sympathetic federal bureaucrats are conspiring to sabotage the industry’s plans to drill on federal lands in Thompson Divide.

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Encana’s Agreement with Nucor Ties Colorado Natural Gas Development to Demand Creation

“These types of partnerships create jobs and help strengthen our country’s economy while at the same time reducing manufacturing’s environmental footprint by switching to a cleaner burning and highly-regulated source of energy,”
said Colorado Governor Hickenlooper.

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Top-of-the-Week Oil and Gas Updates

Bill Barrett Corporation is selling multiple assets in Wyoming, including its Wind River Basin natural gas properties and Powder River Basin coal bed methane assets. While on the West Slope, Antero Resources is selling off all of its natural gas and pipeline assets in the Piceance Basin.

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Encana Opens New Energy Efficient Parachute Facility

A variety of features make the three-story building 22 percent more energy efficient than a similarly sized building without the same features. Among the energy efficiency measures are sensors that control the use of lights, heating and air conditioning, and computers.

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Community Agriculture Alliance: Fighting for Property Rights (Amidst Energy Boom)

Citizens Supporting Property Rights recently formed to represent the land and mineral owners and citizens of Routt County who see the oil and gas industry as business partners.

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  • Tom Schatz: An Environmental Waste of Breath

    Environmental issues have been front and center in Colorado this year. No wonder: The state’s natural beauty is perhaps its greatest treasure. As I rode the gondola to the top of Thunderhead last night, I knew I was the latest visitor to the Yampa Valley to reach this realization. Yet in the midst of the discussions about fracking, the future of the coal industry, balancing preservation with development and other important issues, one topic has remained relatively hidden: renewable electricity standards.



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